Recycling Your Own Solvents Will Save Your Company Money.

Solvents are relied upon in a great variety of processes, from printing and manufacturing to electronics and machining, for their superior cleaning and curing properties. Industry professionals from diverse organizations continue to agree that no substitute has been found to replace solvents in such applications as coating, line flushing, reactor cleaning, stabilizing, degreasing, and parts cleaning.

Yet the use of solvents does not come without environmental responsibility. Generators of solvent waste, which is hazardous, have a “cradle to grave” liability regarding its safe disposal. Because solvents have no substitute in many processing applications, the question most companies are asking is not whether or not to use solvents, but what should we do with our solvent waste?

Recycling your own solvents is the most affordable, environmentally effective option of all if you generate continuous waste. In fact, recycling your own solvents has been proven to save as much as $2 or more per gallon of waste solvent than outside solvent recovery services, and enables you to reuse as much as 99% of your waste solvent.

Recycling your solvents allows you to produce a clean solvent blend by distilling contaminated solvents from your operation’s waste stream.

The proven advantages of recycling your own solvents include:

  • Reduction in removal and disposal costs
  • Reduced inventory and reduced new solvent purchases
  • Quality control over the reclaimed solvent
  • Substantial reductions in the waste solvent that leaves your facility
  • Substantial reductions in the liability associated with waste solvent leaving your facility
  • EPA compliance

This White Paper discusses the various options that exist and helps you understand which option might be best for you.