What is an IBC? What are their Uses?

Intermediate Bulk Containers, or IBCs, are reusable, bulk storage containers used to transport and store liquids and other substances such as paint, coatings, solvents, oils,  chemicals, food, water, granulated materials, and even pharmaceuticals.

IBCs are an efficient storage device, but they can be challenging to clean. Suppliers who transport materials using IBCs are required to clean and recondition them before they can be used again in their processes. Additionally, IBCs must be UN/DOT tested and approved for transport, ensuring they are leak-proof and meet appropriate pressure ratings. The Rotajet by PRI™ line of IBC Washers helps manufacturers accomplish these goals.

Rotajet by PRI™ IBC Washers

The Rotajet by PRI™, RJ-IW series systems are designed to deliver the highest degree of efficiency and safety. The module nature of the machines allows clients to increase capacity by adding additional units. The systems use a variety of different spray nozzles and come with a number of the following features:

  • Modular, batch system for easy expansion
  • Flexible system to handle IBC’s and totes
  • Can automatically wash, rinse and dry
  • Can clean the interior and exterior
  • Can process 100 – 200 IBC’s per 8/hr day
  • Efficient, safe for operators

The RJ-IW systems use a variety of cleaning agents:

  • Detergent and water
  • Alternative “green” solvents
  • Caustic solutions
  • Flammable solvents

The RotaJet wash systems can incorporate leak testing systems. To accomplish this, air can be pumped into the closed IBC, and held for a period of time. If the pressure remains consistent, the IBC can be approved to meet UN/DOT requirements.

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