SC Solvent Distillation System

The SC Series solvent reclamation system is designed for applications where non-scrape sided distillation is more appropriate (typically low solids). SC solvent recycling systems offer a cost-effective solution and are also available with bag liner applications.

Maximize Solvent Recovery:

  • cut virgin solvent purchase volumes
  • solvent reclamation rates as much as 90%
  • reduce hazardous waste disposal volume
  • units typically pay for themselves in a few months

Reduces Environmental Impact & Increases Safety:

  • reduce the risks associated with handling hazardous waste
  • reduce your facility’s environmental footprint

SC Solvent Distillation System

The SC or Small Scale Solvent Recycling System has bag liners as showed in this image.

Durable, reliable, and protected.

PRI solvent recovery systems carry the lowest life-cycle cost in the industry; over 75% of our systems sold in the last 15 years are still in service.  PRI offers a 10-year warranty on the distillation vessel, offering the best value and durability in the industry.

With proper care and maintenance, a PRI solvent recycling system can last for decades.  That’s why we’re not afraid to back it up with a 10-year limited warranty.  With PRI, you can trust that your solvent distillation system will be running for years to come.

Durable, reliable, and protected.

What’s my ROI? Let us help you!

We are confident that the SC solvent reclamation system will save you money, and pay for itself in a matter of months, and we’re happy to help you calculate an ROI.
Just answer a few short questions and we’ll send you a personalized ROI.


Available Sizes

SC-25 57 L
(15 G)
11 L/h
(2.8 G/h)
318 kg
(700 lbs)
 SC-50  121 L
(32 G)
 18 L/h
(4.8 G/h)
 454 kg
(1,000 lbs)
 SC-100  121 L
(32 G)
 30 L/h
(7.8 G/h)
 454 kg
(1,000 lbs)
 SC-155  235 L
(62 G)
 34 L/h
(9 G/h)
 499 kg
(1,100 lbs)
 SC-200  235 L
(62 G)
 55 L/h
(14 G/h)
 499 kg
(1,100 lbs)
 SC-300  386 L
(102 G)
(21 G/h)
 590 kg
(1,300 lbs)

Available Sizes

Check out the SC Recycling Reclamation System sizes.