Flexible, Efficient Dispensing Systems

Available in Batch Dispensing Systems or In-Can Tinting Systems

Gemini by PRI Dispensing Systems are available in either batch dispensing or in-can tinting. Systems are suitable for all types of installations, from large batches (up to 6,000 kg) or small volumes (1 L containers).

Batch Dispensing means that the various individual components are dispensed into large batches, mixed, and connected to a Filling System to be accurately placed into the final sales packaging. Batch Dispensing is a great solution for users who already have a Filling System or prefer larger homogenized batches for their material.

In-Can Tinting means that various individual components are dispensed directly into the sales packaging. This method bypasses the need to produce a large batch or for a dedicated Filling System. It also eliminates the need for regularly cleaning the mixing vessel(s) and Filling System after each product change.

Flexible, Efficient Dispensing Systems

This chart shows the difference between these dispensing systems. It puts the batch dispensing Vs. the can tinting