Systems Specifically Designed for the Paints, Coatings & Adhesives Manufacturing Industry

Progressive Recovery, Inc. (PRI) is pleased to announce the addition of three (3) new technologies from Gemini Techniek B.V. to its product offerings for the Paints, Coatings and Adhesives Industry: Dispensing, Filling and Container Washing Systems. For more than 25 years, Gemini has earned the reputation throughout the world for durable, reliable and flexible systems. PRI is proud to bring these excellent product lines to North America under the brand name Gemini by PRI™. PRI will assist clients to integrate these productivity-enhancing technologies into new and existing production lines, support the client for customized applications, and service the equipment over its long operating life.

Dispensing, Filling & Container Washing Systems

The Gemini by PRI™ Dispensing and Filling Systems can be configured for virtually any container size; designed for gravimetric or volumetric processes; operated manually, semi or fully automatically; and can be integrated with container closing, crimping and coding systems.

The Container Washing Systems can be configured for a variety of vessel designs; designed for aqueous, detergent or solvent washing; and can be integrated with solvent recovery systems.

“PRI’s clients are accustomed to high quality, reliable systems, with quick return on investment from our Solvent Recycling Systems. Now with Gemini by PRI™, we are able to offer clients a broader value, making PRI the trusted provider for whole-plant efficiencies, both upstream and downstream, in the production process,” said Rick Allen, Senior Sales Engineer for Progressive Recovery, Inc.

Paints, coatings and adhesives manufacturers now have a single-source solution for clean technologies that enhance flexibility, increase efficiency and reduce waste for dispensing, filling, washing and recycling applications. PRI Systems are the highest quality, most reliable equipment in the industry. PRI Systems are backed by an industry-leading warranty and supported by a dedicated team of in-house Field Service Technicians, consistently recognized for their 99.2% client satisfaction rating.

Learn about these systems here: Dispensing Systems, Filling Systems, Container Washing Systems.