Welcome. If you are like me, your inbox is filled each day with more information than you care to read and adsorb. It is perfectly fair for you to ask why you should invest another tiny portion of your life in reading the ramblings of an equipment vendor. You are right to do so, and I get it; the investment of your time and attention is a valued commodity that needs to be earned by anyone who presumes to ask for your consideration. To that end, I submit the following:

This is the first installment of what is intended to be a method of eliminating the need for you to buy another still or parts washer. You may think these are strange words indeed coming from the leading manufacturer of distillation systems and automated press parts washers. PRI is in the business of designing and building these systems and you would think it common sense for us to desire for you to need our products and you would be right! We do very much want your business when the need arises. One of the conditions that might cause that need is what we intend to address in these posts.

You will notice I wrote “another still or parts washer” in the first sentence of the paragraph above. Since 1983, experience has proven to PRI that our washers and recovery systems are not built with planned obsolescence. Our systems will continue to operate and function as intended for decades if they are not misused or neglected. With a little planned maintenance and properly trained operators, it is very likely your company will not need to buy another PRI system unless you outstrip its production capability.

The intended value of this blog to you, an owner of a PRI system, is to remind you of some the things that lead to better utilization of your recovery unit or washer, pitfalls to avoid and process knowledge to help you know how to anticipate problems when your production makeup is about to change. While some of this information will be geared toward PRI systems, much of knowledge we intend to share is applicable to other distillation system and parts washers. If you know someone who has one of our competitor’s systems, feel free to tell them about this blog; we may touch on something they find useful. I look forward to sharing with you and I promise not to waste your time.