This year’s InfoFlex was another great opportunity to see the innovations taking place in the Flexo industry, and get an idea of where the industry is going in the future.  Congratulations to all of the Excellence in Flexography award winners who took time to refine their craft and deliver an excellent product for their customer.  It was also great to see the FTA pull a fast one on president Cisternino, surprising him with an induction into the Hall of Fame.

Around the exhibit hall, we heard a lot of interesting feedback from our customers.  Here’s a few of the key takeaways we heard from you:

      • Interest in Solvent-Based Inks, and the PRI PlateVac Product Line:
        A number of folks who had historically used water based inks came by to tell us they are moving to solvent-based processes to increase their capabilities and expand their market potential. We discussed the requirements for safely recovering solvents to allow them to keep company operating costs down and to be competitive in the market. Many of those attending with in-house plate making operations stopped by our display to share their experiences with PlateVac line. With more than 400 PlateVacs placed in service since 1992, PlateVacs are the most used washout solution recovery system.  We also spoke with visitors who are moving back to solvent-based plates from thermal systems and are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use system, with a closed-loop operation, and PlateVac is a perfect fit for their needs.  Learn More About PlateVac
      • Understanding Your Own Solvent Recovery Return On Investment:
        Both existing customers and prospective clients approached us seeking a more detailed understanding of the ROI for solvent recovery.  Some of our customers wanted a “refresher course” on what their PRI Solvent Recovery Unit does for their operation to reduce production costs and add cash flow. They were reminded of the cost of virgin solvent and hazardous waste disposal as well as how quickly their PRI system had paid for itself in savings. For those new to solvent use, we applied the same basic principles to show solvent recovery equipment pays for itself.  After a quick chat, they understood once again the value of their recovery system to their operation. For those looking into solvent recovery for the first time, our discussions helped them understand the factors that justify a distillation system and make an accurate assessment of what a recovery system adds to the bottom line.  Contact Us for Your ROI

Overall, FTA InfoFlex 2016 was a great success with significantly more attendees than 2015.  For now, we look forward to next year’s InfoFlex. See you in Phoenix!