The Challenge:

This was a unique solvent recycling problem that Progressive Recovery was able to solve for GE.Many environmentally friendly chemicals have been created to replace ones that have been banned or restricted by the government. Because of the high cost of these replacement solvents, it is critical that the use and recovery be tightly controlled. This is a case study about Unique Solvent Recycling Problems Solved.

GE Aviation wanted to use environmentally friendly solvents to remove a wax backing from small parts that had been drilled and cut using high energy lasers. Since no single company had the expertise to solve the problem, three vendors worked together to create a unique solution. Petroferm’s solvent knowledge, Detrex’s degreasing equipment and PRI’s solvent recovery expertise were integrated to create a solution. Working with this vendor team, GE identified a potential solvent blend and extensive testing was performed to ensure the performance and recovery characteristics of the blend.

The Solution:

Distillation and recovery involved a multi-step process, since one component of the blend distilled at atmospheric conditions while the other required distillation under ultra-high vacuum and very high temperatures. It was determined that by running the higher vacuum and pushing distillation temperatures to the limit before chemical breakdown occurs, almost 100% recovery of the multi-component solvent was possible.

PRI created a compact unit that was a self-contained Class 1, Division 2 enclosure that required no modifications to the existing manufacturing area where it was installed. A text and graphics display screen provides complete information on the status of the equipment and contains complete operating and troubleshooting information.

PRI provides unique solutions to meet our customer’s needs. In this case, it took a partnership with the customer and two other vendors to be able to provide a total solution to the problem. Creative problem solving is just one more reason why PRI should be your solvent recovery partner.