• Closed Loop Solvent
    Recovery Systems

    Progressive Recovery is the leader in the design and manufacture of large-scale Distillation Systems for many industries where flammable and combustible solvents are used. Our technology is customized to meet your specific application requirements. Our closed-loop systems enable automation, safety and reliability.

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  • Engineered for Life.

    When it comes time to buy a Solvent Management System, spend wisely and choose PRI. PRI systems carry the lowest life-cycle cost in the industry; over 75% of our systems sold in the last 15 years are still in service.  Only PRI offers a 10 year limited warranty on the distillation vessel, offering the best value and durability in the industry.

  • From Our Blog: Single Stage
    Distillation 101

    Not sure you fully understand the basics of your distillation unit? Considering solvent distillation but not sure how it works? Here’s a quick “crash course” for you to gain a better understanding. Check out this new series from our blog.

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  • Automated Solvent
    Wash Systems

    Progressive Recovery provides Automated Solvent Wash Systems for any application where color changes are frequent or mixing containers are quickly reused. Our closed-loop cleaning process allows operators to load a large amount of dirty parts in one wash cycle, saving labor resources and reducing human exposure to hazardous solvents.

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Not sure which system is right for you? Compare our line of Distillation & Wash Systems.

Experts in solvent recovery, distillation, and closed-loop automated wash systems.

Progressive Recovery, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, is the leader in solvent recovery distillation and wash systems for the Converting, Paints & Coatings, and Flexographic package printing industries.  Our core technology is in a broad range of solvent recovery and solvent wash systems, custom made to meet specific application requirements.

Our distillation equipment offers both scrape-sided or non-scraped options, for operations generating liquid solvent waste materials.  PRI units offer the highest BTU rating in the industry, and can operate in either batch or continuous modes alongside remote storage tanks and process equipment.

Our solvent wash systems are totally enclosed wash systems designed for facilities primarily in the packaging printing industry.  Our solvent wash systems are often incorporated into a complete automatic recovery and recycle system, feeding back into one of our distillation systems in a closed loop.

Industry Applications

  • Converting Printing Package printing, Flexography
  • Paints & Coatings Inks, Lacquers, Thinners, Stains
  • Industrial Manufacturing Automobile, Aircraft, Metal Equipment



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